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Well to start off my Name is Logan. I am 20 years old. I love to make music and i heard this was a great place for it.

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Posted by MrRivux - January 21st, 2014

Hey there everyone, For my late New years Resolution i plan to do alot this year.

I recently got a job and im starting to pump funds into my home audio workstartion. Meaning my goals or my dream i should say is to make mainstream music but not alone, with whoever likes to work as a team. Im not in it for the money or the fame (Which is nice) Im in it for the experiance and thrill of enjoying music with others.

Anyways this year im going to pump out and dedicate more time to make music. Even though im busy with work im still going to put all efforts into music. The music Genre i really want to learn and play all the time is house types songs ranging from, Progressive house- to deadmau5's type of house music he plays. If i ever have a role model of someone who is famous it would be him. He literally started out with nothing and so have i. Ive always wanted to do this since i was a tyke and now im ready to pursue it even more with others.

Posted by MrRivux - July 10th, 2013

Hey Everyone ive currently been busy making music with Grand Dimension Beyond. Its a honor being with them and im glad that they accepted me and joining them along time ago...

You can check the band out at http://granddimensions.newgrounds.com/